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Premium high quality ostrich feathers and dusters


Royal Feather Dusters is a family owned and operated company that traces its roots back to 1976.

We manufactured and distributed all over Asia and the Mediterranean and now we are expanding to North America.


     At Royal feather dusters we offer high quality ostrich feathers and dusters at a very affordable price. Being a manufacturer allows us to give you the best price and the widest varieties in the market. Our vast experience has allowed us to perfect the making of the dusters, from carefully choosing the feathers by hand to the comfortable grip of our wooden handle. We are 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction, and will always strive to exceed your expectation. We have been very successful in this industry and our main goal is to supply our customers with our outstanding products. We also do OEM and customized dusters to match to your liking.  


In the ostrich feather industry, quality refers to a duster that outclasses all others in terms of touch, suppleness, durability and beauty, A Product like this can only come from a company dedicated to quality. 

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